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About project

голубев.pngLet me introduce myself. My name is Evgeny Golubev. I am 46 years old. I am a sociologist. I live in Yaroslavl. All what I've been doing for the last 20 years is conducting sociological and marketing researches. I've met a lot of interesting people at this period of my life. I am a typical representative of a middle class, who managed to earn his living by his own work and who thinks about farther development. I've travelled all across Russia (except Far East) and Europe (except Portugal, Hungary, Romania and Baltic states). I live in a quite big city according to European standards (600000 people of population). But it is a province according to Russia's standards, though not deep. I am a cosmopolitan in my attitude, but I like Yaroslavl. It has some kind of inside charm, despite of crashed roads, garbage and tipsy people. But for sure I am a town-dweller, though I don't like any megalopolis. Despite of its provincial essence Yaroslavl has always claimed to some metropolitan elements with quite a big amount of colleges and intelligentsia as a result. It has relatively young and perspective industry (though old and non modernized industry is still in majority). People here are kind, sympathetic as a whole having quite certain goals in their life and aspiring to something accordingly. I would like to live in such cities as Barcelona, Valencia, Edinburgh (despite of its changing weather), Prague, maybe Vienna and Nice. The most important thing in these cities is the condition of town environment, which is not just an infrastructure and communications, but architecture, natural landscape, parks, museums as well. And the utmost thing is people, their attitude to a native town and to each other. All this is called atmosphere. It seems to me that Yaroslavl can become quite a civilized European town. It lacks a lot of things for this, but it has the most important part, that is a historical core and people, which can make this town better. The column “Yaroslavl” will tell about this.

I would like to present my author's project, the web-site This site will contain the material which is interesting for me personally. This is the main idea of this author’s project. I work in Leancor group of companies, which has its own site. I can't publish all what I want there. That is why this is my exceptional creation.
The web-site is the platform for professional sociologists from different cities of Russia first of all. (Column “Methodology”, “Call-center”, “Team”, “Info graphics”)
But this does not mean that this is the site just for sociologists. This site is about people, real, outstanding and interesting people (column “Anthropology” - is an original gallery of 1812 heroes) and for people. The section “Health” is about how to keep the most precious thing that we possess – our health and the health of our family. Our health system is in terminal state, but we have to live somehow. Yet we have wonderful doctors. They have to combine their work in state hospital to the work in private medical centers in order to make their living.

The columns “Society” and “Economy and Politics” are mainly for people interested in an independent evaluation of going events in Russia and its regions. There are events and information in the country. There a lot of events and information. But there is no evaluation. Different evaluations. There is just one opinion, which is of course, the only right opinion. Personally I can not compete with such news factories as electronic mass-media. But I can give my own evaluation as a person who understands a little bit more than a usual citizen. I have a feeling that for the last two years our country has made a few steps backwards. The apogee is the Ukrainian – Crimean campaign that made an impression for Russian people that we have again become a Great Power under the rule of the Wise head. Thus we hardly have any independent mass-media. The central channels broadcast just approved by Kremlin news, labor and defense rules have retuned to schools. Deputies try to limit American movies showing in Russian movie theaters up to 50%. Sobyanin, the mayor of Moscow proposed to return the old soviet name (VDNKh) to the All Russian Exhibition center (VVC now). To return back to USSR we have to do just a little. That is to close one TV-channel (RBC) and one radio-station (“Moscow Echo”), to make our own Internet, as in China, with the total censorship, to start teaching new/old course “History of “United Russia” in colleges, to implicate an iron curtain (to give permission to travel abroad just for people gone through interview in Federal Security Service) and to make everyone equal in salaries and possibilities. It is clear that all this is impossible though desperately wanted by present authorities.
There is an impression that the present Russian society has a great deficit of adequacy. I think I will try to fill up this shortage for some amount by this author's project. I will be grateful to all readers for comments, evaluations, judgments and discussions, even unpleasant at times. My author’s project is a non commercial project. So if anyone wants to publish something interesting and absolutely for free, he is welcome.

Evgeny Golubev 

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