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The CATI- center (Leancor Group Yaroslavl) carries out telephone surveys in the territory of all regions of Russia.

Total amount of workplaces in the CATI-center is 25.Full record of all interviews (100%) is provided to the Customer.

Telephone surveys are carried out on various subjects, including researches in corporate sector.

The CATI-center works 7 days a week taking into account the time difference in various regions of Russia, including Siberia and the Far East. The CATI-center operates with the specialized software, which allows the real time listening to the current interviews and observing all poll statistics (number of the carried-out interviews, interview and dialing timing to the respondent, etc.).

The quality standards – we are TNS (the largest European market researches agency) certified company according to ISO20252:2006 quality standards.

Main customers on telephone surveys: DC Bertelsmann, Klingel, WENZ, TNS, "Vympelcom" (Beeline) (segment of corporate cellular communiCATIon), IDea Group, Support of Russia, Government of the Yaroslavl region, and also FOM, VCIOM, MIP, Nielsen, O+K, MAGRAM, MASMI, Daily Dozen research, Control center of knowledge, Refakta.

Contacts: field researches director Evgeny Golubev +7(4852) 72-74-72, 72-55-20. n.extension 317, e-mail:,; head of the CATI-center Svetlana Yashanina + 7(4852) 72-74-72, 72-55-20, n. extension 127. e-mail:;

Our СATI-center has a well experienced staff:

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Supervisor Natalia Mikerova

Data processing specialist
Marina Antonova

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Chief operator of a shift Nadezhda Eliseeva

Regular operators of the CATI-center…

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Freelance operators.

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Well….a lot of workers

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Which have fun sometimes

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