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I returned from abroad yesterday. I was in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. I visited eight large cities of Western Europe in total. And in this regard, I would like to share four stories which happened to me there, in an “europes”, and one story which happened to my twelve year old son  here, in Russia.
So, story number 1. I arrived to Germany, to the city of Cologne on April 19. I’ve been goin abroad ever since the year 2000, though I happened to be there earlier. The first thing that was asked by a frontier guard after submission of the passport was whether I had a return ticket to Russia. He asked to show it. No frontier guard or the customs officer asked me about a return ticket especially when the main document regulating my stay abroad is a Schengen visa. I might had no the return ticket formally, I could have bought it though the Internet directly at a place of my stay or directly at the airport of Cologne. If I had no a return ticket, the frontier guard would pass me anyway. However he asked the sacramental and rhetorical question for some reason? This question was asked to all Russian, arrived by this flight.

Story number 2. Having wandered a little across solar Cologne, we decided to have dinner with my spouse in one of the German cozy small restaurants. The first that we heard from the simple German waitress after she accepted our order were the words: "Russians are crazy people". She said this and ran to carry out the order. She was not malicious or aggressive. She said this somehow silent and hopeless and even, as it seemed to me, fatefully. It was said with regret. The international scandal, certainly, didn't happen.

Story number 3. It happened to my son whom I try to send to language camp to Great Britain this year. Literally at the end of March – the beginning of April, 2014 it was necessary to go to Moscow visa center forsubmission of documents and for removal of fingerprints. Those who travalled to Great Britain earlier know that this procedure is tiresome and is realized only by Great Britain and no other country of the Schengen area. But it is so far. And so, oddly while the Crimea was attached to Russia, the Embassy of Great Britain did not just changed the operator for registration of visas on behalf of Her Majesty Government, but changed a number of obligatory forms for filling, without having informed anybody (these innovations were not announced even on a web-site of the embassy). Nobody even begin to talk to potential admirers of the culture and the traditions of the United Kingdom without these new filled forms. More than 20 children from Yaroslavl went to Moscow visa center twice – the first time they came there with old forms (when nobody accepted them, children had to stayed near the visa center for more than 6 hours), the second time they came with new forms. Taking into account the skipped classes, doubtful pleasure from staying in Moscow, it may appear that UK Embassy won't give the visa to young citizens of Russia. Time, money and nerves will be spent in vain. It will be their decision, and nobody will be able to do anything with it. Financial arguments here were t absolutely minor.
It isn't necessary to be the great analyst to understand that Great Britain made all this purposely – the more problems to citizens of Russia, the more their discontent and drudgeries is the better. If you don't want to keep the rules of a civilized hostel, we will soil in a small way. While in a small way.

Story number 4. Having visited four countries of European Union in eight days, I paid attention to how equally TV channels of various European countries broadcast the events occurring in East Ukraine. If not to penetrate into fine details and contents of texts of leading news, there can be such impression that Russia had already attacked Ukraine, and developed military operations there with the use of aircraft, tanks and armored personnel carriers. Nobody goes into such fine detail somehow that it doctrines in the territory of Russia are carried out. In this sense their agitprop differs nothing from our Russian agitprop. You can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs.

In total. Also it would seem, and here Putin? I so believe, Putin thus that he became history. Both in big, and in the small. And in history of separate families, and in history of the whole people. The Russian people are perceived now in the West as the people barbarous, uncivilized, aggressive, vindictive, not wishing to live by the standard rules. Both simple inhabitants, and officials in the West do full equality between Putin and the Russian people. But it not so. At least, personally I am deeply convinced of it.

The truth is also good, positive history, the fifth - youth in the West all "to the hair dryer". And also "on a drum". She not only doesn't know that occurs in Ukraine, even plainly doesn't know about existence of such country. As, however, considerably and about Russia. It just that case when better about us would know less. The youth in the West lives the cares and the problems far from problems of war and peace. On April 26 in the Belgian city of Antwerp (the large port city on the coast of the North Sea) there took place a forum of local feminists and the lesbians, more similar to a collective flash mob. It was that various groups of young little girls and women hold a peculiar competition among themselves who will most of all sell to all people around of "firm" feministic attributes and symbolics. They were engaged in it the whole day and the whole evening. And the majority of people bought something from these little girls. And all these were glad to an event. It is called sense of humour, tolerance, openness. Morals of this history that our Russian youth is much more similar on western, than people of more senior generation. And it already hope.

Evgeny Golubev
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