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Once again about methods
Many skilled customers and performers too, often suffer with a choice of a method of research as they know that each method has pluses and minuses. And there is no universal remedy. Usually the people, who are responsible for this type of work, weigh a number of parameters among themselves and do certain assumptions, and try to minimize risks. For someone of the customers the important parameter is the price ("the cheaper"), for someone terms are on the first place("we need it yesterday"), and for the most advanced and serious customers the main parameter is  a reliability (objectivity) of data. But reliability usually is more expensive and takes more time. Anyway, it is necessary to do certain calculations, to analyze, compare parameters and to make a final choice, based on a combination of the most various factors and criteria. This resembles the choice of a car: you don't know to make it cheaper, more comfortable at the same time, and quicker, and more reliable … But life is not like it is– it is necessary to pay for something, and to sacrifice something. We want to offer to a professional (and not just professional) public our view of pluses and minuses of various methods both quantitative and qualitative researches in sociology.
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