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Some time ago the Internet blew up a new name - Vasya Lozhkin. The artist in whose creativity cats, hares and other living creatures, and also humanoid characters and city views of Kobylozadovsk prevail very ambiguous being shown and not really.


By his own recognition, he is not interested in surrounding reality a little. He represents the thought up world, partially the world of psychoses and borderlines. It is terrible from time to time, the fairy tale with a happy-end. Besides Vasya is the author and the performer of songs of his own composition, thus without possessing, besides by own recognition, neither hearing, nor a voice, skills of game on any musical instrument.

For one Vasily, whose real name is Alexey Kudelin, is the gifted artist with fine sense of humor who by means of venomous cartoons, allegories and hyperboles derides the Russian reality sometimes cruelly, but fair. For others - the distributor of pseudo-culture which very harmful can affect weak minds of judges of his creativity.

ложкин2.pngThe first impression of acquaintance to Alexey is surprise. He forced to tell about himself many people. Some hate him, others admire, and his ironic comments sometimes are very sharp. However he is absolutely ordinary average person in communication, in his appearance there is nothing especial giving out or shouting. Thus even short conversation allows drawing a conclusion on his indisputable sense of humor and sincerity.

He was born on August 18, 1976 in Solnechnogorsk, he was the only child in a usual Soviet working family. He was patient in his study at school; he was quite an ordinary child. He never reflected on the whom he would like to become.

- When I was asked about my future profession, I answered whatever I wanted. I remember, at high school I wrote the beautiful composition on how I would like to become the cook, and I received the five, - Alexey speaks, - but actually I never wanted to be the cook. Well, maybe, to be the actor or the singer of a rock group. I listened to "Alice" at that time. I quit my study at the geographical faculty of the Moscow pedagogical university. Then after all I got the higher legal education.

Before gaining wide popularity in narrow circles I changed many professions – the journalist and the responsible secretary in the newspaper, the yard keeper. He claims that his short work is the uninviting piece of the life which hasn't left on him any mark. As he can work anywhere to get enough money to pay for the apartment and to buy food. He was never interested in job as he likes to draw. He started being engaged in it in the mid-nineties, and today his cats are known by at least the half of countries.

- Alexey, why do you draw cat, instead of dogs, for example?

- I love cats, and it seems to me that it is uninteresting, to draw dogs.ложкин4.png

- A cat is kind when with the closed mouth; they are terrible muzzles when smiling, strange?

- These are the same cats; they are just in different moods. I call it - an animal grin of idiocy - the ridiculous phrase.

- Kobylozadovsk is a more fictional city or the lines of Solnechnogorsk prevail in it?

- Geographically Kobylozadovsk doesn't exist, but it is everywhere - in Moscow, and in St. Petersburg which is considered the cultural capital. It is possible to find such areas in any city. Everywhere there are savages, the absolute ghouls, and there are cultural people. In Solnechnogorsk the population is 50 thousand. Now it is called the city settlement. I am radical Solnechnogorsk citizen. It is my small homeland. There dear places memorable from the childhood. But as a whole, it seems to me, there is a certain press of a depression.

- Why do you decide to leave from there?

- Yaroslavl nevertheless is better from the point of view of infrastructure, so-called cultural and educational institutions. Yaroslavl is the beautiful city, near Moscow where I have to go very often. It is well-groomed, the economic situation is better, than in some other cities. Yaroslavl is well suitable for family life with children. These criteria were the main.

- Did you have plans to open the exhibition in Yaroslavl?

ложкин3.png- I didn't consider such need. All my life in Solnechnogorsk this wasn't necessary. Exhibition is too labor-consuming business. If to carry out, in Moscow, where there are millions of inhabitants. Here in Yaroslavl, for example, fans of my creativity of people count ten. They can quietly come to a workshop where I am ready to accept judges and admirers. Why to bother, spend a lot of money, nerves and time for an exhibition? And in Moscow one thousand will come from 20 million which is already there is fullness.

- It means you are open for communication?

- Well, yes, there is nothing about it. Yaroslavl is also pleasant because it is a little rural. Rural lifestyle is good. Recently I was in Yekaterinburg. It is the large city. It is cool, but I couldn't live there, among these skyscrapers, infinite people. Everything is different here. In this sense Yaroslavl is similar to Solnechnogorsk. I have a feeling as if I moved from one street to another more beautiful street.

- You make an impression of the person who always sneers and laughs at everything around. But I have a different feeling from today's conversation.

- Yes, I get carried away sometimes. It happens, that I am asked about some nonsense, and I start answering, already I think out something.

- Including a cactus which you watered with port and Coca-Cola?

- No, it is the truth. It, by the way, it blossomed twice. The first - when I watered it with port and Coca-Cola. The second time - when I didn't water it for a year, I absolutely forgot about it. Then they explained to me that cactuses blossom in such conditions - the worse, the better.

- When arrived to Yaroslavl, did you get any contact with local authorities?

- Well, I don't know. One deputy presented to me the book about Yaroslavl. I didn't create a history from my moving. I’ve got acquaintances. I visited some events. It is not a communication with the power, simply one person presented the book to another.

- What do you think of your own popularity?

- I am not Kirkorov to be interviewed every day. Sometimes this happens quite frequent. For the ordinary citizen, I communicate much, even it is excessive.

- Is it comfortable for you to be in such communication?

- Not always. You know, I feel as though I am mixed up with someone else. There was a remarkable case in Yekaterinburg. The journalist needed to interview me and the head of gallery at an exhibition. It mixed me up with the head and asked if it was difficult to agree with Vasya Lozhkin to bring here an exhibition. I told that it was very difficult. He is a deranged moron, degenerate. The blackmail and bribery methods were necessary. She saaid - well I understand, it is your humour, but could you become a little serious, I have a camera here. I answer - you simply asked the wrong person.

- Why do you like blogging? It is the game in one gate, scanty communication with no feedback?

- Yes it is fine, no feedback? What about telephone calls, letters? It is as drug. Million people are engaged in it, well such new hobby for 21 centuries - like a hobby. Earlier when there I had no child, I was able to afford to sit longer, make comments. Now I do it on the phone more often, I hadn’t written anything in a LJ for a long time. I have no time and I don’t like the resource as a whole. Facebook is more communication medium.

- When you are tired from the communication how do you have a rest?

-I'm sleeping.

- Musical creativity is a single question. You didn't study anywhere how did it turn out, or is it a mockery too?ложкин5.png

- It is rather not. Participants of one million groups on a planet Earth didn't study anywhere. Rock music doesn't demand any special academic knowledge. Just all the heart. Just like Blacks in the southern states - come into any house - they play the blues there. Or as our chastushkas, their performers everything hardly studied music. It isn't necessary for me especially. For creativity of the writer, the musician, the director the first reason is the desire to create, and then anything can be thought up. It comes from within. Certainly, it is quite good to learn to play the piano or a guitar.

- What is your relation to policy?

- I don't belong there. But I consider that now we have the best period. As a whole all abuse our power, but, in my opinion, we live well, better, than our parents lived.

- What state system is better?

- Monarchy when they teach to be the tsar since childhood.

- Would like that your child, to live abroad when adult?

- When I was young, I went to trips. It seemed to me that it was great, streets are clean, and food is tasty. You become more senior, you grow wiser, more experienced, you understand, it is necessary to live where your people live. It is so convenient to me. But I have a companion, for him - where it is good, there is the Homeland. It is such a type of character. I am more rural person, probably, when I become more senior, I will go to the country. I have mother in the village now. It seemed boring to me before. Now I come and I understand a high - silence, 500 people of inhabitants, all know each other, silently, quietly, the nature. If to speak about the countries, it seems to me, that our country has better potential. Europe is torn apart by contradictions. And what do we have to argue here? We are not needed there, why go to Europe and work as the unskilled worker, to fight for a kopek when there is everything here. Certainly we don’t have the gold billion, but we have our relatives, acquaintances, somehow it is possible to live here. And you are anybody there, you are the visitor. Maybe everything will exchange over time, but now it seems to me to live here is better. I like the Czech as the tourist Republic; I like Russia for my life here.

- How to become the ingenious creator?

- It depends on creativity. If music, rock music, in rock music it is necessary to be ingenious till you are 20 years old. Thus to use drugs it is desirable to commit suicide. Then you will be ingenious. All ingenious things are created by the young. Well, and to become, let us assume, the ingenious artist, it is necessary to pass, probably, through any terrible tests, madness or something like that.

- Do you have any dream, any aim?

- I am fixated on my family; therefore the purpose is a welfare of my family. Health of relatives, so that the child would grow normally.

- To receive welfare for the creativity account?

- I don't think that it will be long, but I can work with anyone as far as my knowledge suffices.

- How did you become well-known?

- In total - the Internet. The first pictures were laid out in 2007, approximately by one once a week. Peak popularity is now; it took me about six years. I did not have any financial investments and advertizing, just the national recognition.

- Why Vasya Lozhkin?

- It is very original question. I will think up an original answer now. I answered several times about market researches. About astrologers too. When I invited the astrologer, the sociologist, and they by means of the astrological and sociological forecast came to a conclusion that Vasya Lozhkin is an optimum pseudonym to promote pictures. Actually, I got this pseudonym for LJ. When I began to spread pictures, they were under this nickname and all began to speak - Vasya Lozhkin drew the picture. It stick, it sounds quite comical. And Ilf and Petrov have Vasisualy Lokhankin.

Quiz about love and Alexey Kudelin's habits:

Favorite city?

- Yaroslavl.


- Wife, child.

Favorite book?

- I read Pelevin's books once a year


A lot - Venedikt Erofeyev, Ray Bradbury, Stanislav Lem

Favorite music?

- I am a music fan; I have a huge record library. Generally rock music but not heavy.


- Any kind

Time of a day?

- All the same. When I feel good.


- Smoking

The useful?

- I’ve bought a bicycle, I ride every day.

Anastasia Leonidova

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1. Who here seals't like?

2. And I like you!

3. The Beatles! Previously unreleased hits

4. Today you play thrash, and tomorrow own woman eat!

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